Poker calculators – which are the best in 2015?

Once in a while, your poker hands are being studied and ridiculed by other poker pros seated at the same table as you.

Well, it happens in some games, but you can put a stop to it. An online poker calculator is the answer to your dilemma. It is free, precise and useful.

Check out a few of the coolest poker calculators in 2015:

What is a poker calculator?

You might be wondering now this question. What really is a poker calculator? Well, poker calculator is an algorithm which through probabilistic or statistical means grows a poker player’s chance of winning, losing, or tying a poker hand.

Several poker calculators are statistical tools and probabilities. Poker calculators have three main types: poker advantage calculators, poker odds calculators, and poker relative calculators.

Among the three, poker odds calculators are the most widely known and used.

Poker Odds Calculator

This tool calculates a player’s winning ratio. I’m sure you’re asking what a winning ratio is – it is a number of games won divided by the total numbers of games. Poker Odds Calculator is designed for ring games simply cannot offer the critical information used to make correct decisions in tournaments.

Correct decision making at game critical intersects is what makes a tournament player successful in a locked domain. That is, if a player’s result is -100%, regardless of the number of players in the game, the player will certainly lose the game. If a player’s advantage is +100%, regardless of the number of players, the player will certainly win the game.

Poker Advantage Calculator

It calculates a player’s winning ratio and normalizes the winning ratio comparative to the number of players. A poker advantage calculator gives the player a normalized value between -100 % and +100% describing a player’s winning chance.

Both of these two types of poker calculators can offer results which provide game scenario variables like the number of players, the game type being played, and the hand or cards available for the player in question.

Poker Relative Calculator

This tool is displayed on poker shows and tournaments for an audience because it gives an exact assessment of a player’s winning chance.

Poker Calculator Tournament Indicator

It is a legitimately approved poker calculator by the well-known poker company PokerStars. This calculator works with Bovada/Bodog anonymous tables and supports more than 300 online poker sites.

According to the site, Tournament Indicator, the world’s 1st Online Poker Tournament Calculator instantly calculates the critical MZones for all players on the table, at pot odds, and all-in-hand strength, while profiling one’s opponents.

Unlike other poker calculator, Tournament Indicator is especially made for Texas Holdem online tournament game. The indicators used in this software are just the same as you’d like to use in a live tournament event, but are totally diverse from a ring or cash game.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this one now!

Poker Office

Another online poker calculator is offered to you – the famous PokerOffice! This one is arguably considered as the most sophisticated and complete poker tool on the market for Online Poker.

The features of this online calculator are the following:

Detailed Statistics

Extended Graphs

Hand Replayer

Live Gaming Tracking

Real Time Heads Up Display

Filter Statistics

Write Notes Real Time

Mucked Cards in Overlay

Just like what PokerOffice tells its customers, it gives you a chance to track all of your rival’s actions as well as your own poker play while you are playing, without needing for hand histories or user input.

This online poker calculator makes it easy for you to study and analyze your poker game; thus, you can hone your poker skills and become a better player soon, of course, with the help of this calculator.

Furthermore, PokerOffice brings full statistics on you and your opponent’s game play through spreadsheets and graphs. You will have the possibility to write notes on all players from within the poker software. The software also allows you to combine statistics, print tables and graphs on your printer, and view the hand history of any game.

Above all, this can help you make the right decision as you play. How? Through giving you accurate pot odds, outs and probabilities. Rest assured that this one is legit because it is partnered with credible online poker sites and well-known bookmakers namely 888 Poker, PartyPoker, Bwin, Poker Stars, and Betfair. What an awesome software and site, right? Check it out now!

Texas Calculatem

Dubbed as the ultimate poker software site, Texas Calculatem is definitely different software compared to other poker odds calculators. It is designed to work with more than 250 various poker rooms, whether they are independent or part of a network.

It supports Microsoft XP, Vista, 7 and the latest application is also suited with Windows 8. What makes this software and site interesting is that it features an easy-to-read advice bar and poker odds chart which give the amateurs all the information they need to make good poker decisions.

Texas Calculatem provides different odds calculators according to your needs like the PokerSnowie, Stud Indicator, Poker Tracker, and Holdem Manager. All these softwares under Texas Calculatem have good reviews from the consumer. You can try one of them soon!

Wizard of Odds

This site offers a variety of game calculators which provides odds and strategies calculated based on the input of the players. There are game calculators found at Wizard of Odds, such as Baccarat Bingo, Blackjack House Edge, Blackjack Basic Strategy, Blackjack Switch, Keno Lottery and more.


This free-betting calculator gives you chance to compare odds and offers from leading bookmakers in all sports and events. It works on any smartphone device and shows recommended bets for all accumulator and combination types like the Lucky 15, Lucky 31, Lucky 63, Canadian, and other types of bets.

Moreover, the site exclusively offers a matched betting bet type option which allows the punter to take advantage of bookmaker free bet bonus offers.

Which one is the best?

Each offers poker players great features, but there is one poker calculator that definitely outshines its opponents. You’re wondering which one, right? Well, Poker Office is the best, most sophisticated and most comprehensive among the other online poker calculators in 2015. When you use it, you’re not going to deal with lots of problems, because it showcases awesome features at your advantage.

So, to all the people reading this article, you might as well download the Poker Office software soon, to witness and experience its amazing features.

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