4 Poker Players outsmart supercomputer Claudico

werwr33Humans versus intelligent machines in a poker game? Impossible to think but it really happened. In fact, four professional poker players were able to beat the artificial intelligence platform, made and developed at Carnegie Mellon University, in a poker tournament.

Cool, isn’t it?

Yes, it was an exciting battle that made every Poker fan thrilled over it. The eagerness of fans around the globe and the adrenaline rush of pro poker players including the best-no-limit Texas holdem player Doug Polk were so evident.

“The poker supercomputer Claudico is a cold-blooded killer because it’s not frightened to bet and lose its money,” Polk sad in an interview.

People from over 100 countries watched online as the four top poker players battled against Claudico at Pittsburgh’s Rivers Casino, with an 80,000 hand. Although no real money was used in the tournament, Microsoft and the casino put up $100,000 to be divided among the players, as per their winnings.

“We knew Claudico was the strongest computer poker program in the world, but we had no idea before this competition how it would fare against the top poker players,” Dr. Tuomas Sandholm, Claudico’s designer said.

After the two-week poker marathon, the four players managed to defeat the supercomputer although they didn’t win by a large margin. In line with the loss of the supercomputer, Carnegie Mellon University has told the news about the plans of upgrading the old version of it. All poker fans around the globe are waiting for the second tournament to be held soon.

Despite such improvement plan, we still root to professional poker players. Why? Because they are humans with skills and intelligence. Mind you, the recent competition has just proved that still, human brains are far better than artificial intelligence.

After all, such inventions are just made and developed by humans themselves. Certainly, nothing can beat natural intelligence.

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