Know who the world’s richest Poker players are? (it’s not who you think)

Phil Ivey photo

Photo by waldo483

Most people see poker as a fun recreational activity. Something to pass the time and maybe earn a few bucks. Well, if you play your cards right ā€“ pun intended.
But who said you can’t get rich playing poker? People who managed to get lots and lots of money from playing the game proved otherwise.

Let’s check out the millionaires in the world of poker, in no particular order.

Phil Ivey

If there’s a top poker player in the world, that would be Phil Ivey. Widely-known and widely-respected in the poker world, Ivey has managed to win ten World Series of Poker bracelets and amassed a whopping $19,500,000 in live tournaments. He’s known as the Tiger Woods of Poker and notorious for his immense swings in casinos. Most of the money he earned, he won in cash games from playing against other poker players. His success led him to building two profitable firms and getting involved in various charitable causes and foundations.

Dan Bilzerian

You may have seen photos of this millionaire poker player all over the internet. That’s because he recently became a social media sensation for posting lavish photos online, thus tagging him as Instagram King or Instagram’s Playboy King. Known as the Blitz, Bilzerian once enlisted in the United States Navy and had majored in Business and Criminology.

Daniel Negreanu

Another poker hero, Daniel Negreanu started his career in poker after dropping out of high school. The 40-year-old Canadian has won six World Series of Poker bracelets and two World Poker Tour championship titles. He’s known and respected for having the most relaxed table presence, always calm and composed, whenever he’s playing poker. Like Ivey, Negreanu is also a philanthropist as well as a published author.

Chris Ferguson

Known for his mathematical style of play, this California poker player has a signature look of donning long hair and cowboy hats. Aside from playing poker, he’s also famous for directing the Full Tilt Poker scandal, an alleged Ponzi scheme, which turned into a legal controversy. A surprising fact about Chris Ferguson? He has a Ph.D. in computer science. Of course, no one has seen Chris since the full title scandal broke so it’s hard to tell how rich he really still is. On the balance of probabilities, though, he still makes the list.

There you have it ā€“ the richest poker players in the world. Now if only they can rub off their amazing poker skills on us, that would be great!

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