Outstanding Poker review – is it worth the money?







Want to try Outstanding Poker?

Here’s what you need to know about the site.

A few years ago, the poker site was founded by two online professionals who, although not in the same league as Phil Ivey, sure are enjoying more than $10,000 a month playing poker using their winning strategy.

That’s what made them decide to come up with the site – to extend their luck to other people playing online poker.

Now Outstanding Poker is a low-hype, no bells and whistles poker training program. It won’t help you earn millions playing poker. But you will have the chance of taking home $10,000 a month.

Once you become a member, Outstanding Poker will give you access to a library of 120+ training videos plus poker strategy articles as well as your own poker blog, podcasts, strategy forums and poker strategy e-books.

Although video releases are a little slow, which only happen once or twice a week, you’ll see that they’re of high quality. What’s more, the instructors in those videos really know what they’re talking about, so you’ll be able to learn effective poker strategies.

But it doesn’t mean that the content doesn’t need improvement anymore. In fact, the site can add more topics than just NLHE cash game videos, MTTS, and heads-up SNGs. They would have to eventually as members will surely clamor for more in the future.

If you’re looking for more diverse styles, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Yes, Outstanding Poker does offer effective poker strategies, but they’re only simple, low-variance styles. But then, like I said, this isn’t a million-dollar poker game we’re talking about. You have to look elsewhere for that too. Here, you can enjoy steady income, but nothing more.

What’s great about the site though is that they offer a simple membership system. It’s a monthly membership that only costs $14.95 with no signup fee. So if you’ll be able to earn a solid $10,000 per month, what is a mere $14.95?

All in all, Outstanding Poker is definitely worth a shot. There’s low risk and a good return of investment. You might want to try it.

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