Outstanding Poker Review

The Facts

Name: Outstanding Poker
08th July 2010
Price: $14.95
Author outstandingpoker.com

Publisher’s Description

Outstanding Poker is an Online Poker Training School that uses poker strategy training videos made by poker pros to teach winning poker. Get two free poker training videos today.

  • Increase your learning speed in paving your online poker foundation – and one of the few effective ways is often finding a capable Online Poker Professional who has already “been there, done that” to coach and mentor you.
  • Get all the essential tools you need in one place to get started
  • Reduce your learning curve in the fastest time possible,
  • And get ALL THESE at a price you can afford!

Where to Buy

Outstanding Poker is only on the market to purchase from the outstandingpoker.com web page. It isn’t similar to a standard book that you can purchase from a variety of different shops.

The Bottom Line

These are good training videos at a ridiculously low monthly price. Sure, Errol and Tim aren’t the world’s most famous pros but they are solid players making 1000′s per month consistently from Poker. If you’re looking for a decent training site on a budget then this could be for you.

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